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Hosting a party and looking to feed everybody? We at Georgio’s Pizza & Donut Shop have exactly what you need. We can put together a huge spread with your favorite pastas, sandwiches, and pastries. All we ask you to do is call ahead two days in advance with your order. We cater to the Auburn, ME community with Italian sandwich platters and much more!


2-Day Notice Required
Be Sure to Call Ahead



Pan of lasagna with meat sauce $40.00

Italian Sandwich (Serves 6 to 12)

Italian Sandwich (Serves 6 to 12)

Choice of ham, salami, or vegetarian

Choice of roast beef, tuna, chicken or turkey



9-inch platter of freshly baked pastries

12-inch platter of freshly baked pastries

Finger Rolls

Finger Rolls (White Only)

Unfilled Finger Rolls (dozen) $3.75

Filled Finger Rolls (dozen)

Ham salad, chicken salad, tuna salad, egg salad $15.00

Bread & Rolls

Loaf of Bread


Italian Rolls

4 for $4.00

8 for $8.00

Sub Rolls

4 for $3.00

8 for $6.00

Hamburger Rolls

4 for $3.00

12 for $8.00

Contact Georgio’s for Bread Platters, Italian Sandwich Platters & Delicious Lasagna

It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning a birthday party or a corporate event. Contact Georgio’s Pizza & Donut Shop for unmatched assistance! We’ll ensure that all of your guests are thrilled with the dining options at your upcoming function. Let us provide delicious dinner rolls, classic Italian sandwiches, or a few pans of lasagna. No matter which dish you ultimately select, you really can’t go wrong!